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Customer experience – How to think it, create it and automate it These days, the customer experience is a trendy term, and it should be. This is why I thought I would give you a few tricks to help you evaluate and facilitate the establishment of the improvement of your customer experience. Here are three […]

By: Alexandre Sagala - Categories: Customer experience

  Starting June 1st until June 3rd at the Théâtre Saint-James will be held the Expérience client event presented by Les Affaires. It will be possible to attend plenty of conferences over the course of the event including one given by Alexandre Sagala, Vice President, Marketing and Technological Development at Publipage. In a highly competitive […]

By: Publipage - Categories: Online Marketing

    The AQT Big Bang 2015, an event not to be missed! It’s at the Fairmont le château Montebello location on May 14th that the Relationship marketing, acquisition strategies and efficient customer retention (in French) conference will be held by Alexandre Sagala, Vice-president, marketing and technologic development at Publipage, as part of the 2015 […]

By: Publipage - Categories: Online Marketing

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