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Facebook continues its conquest of the digital world! In fact, Facebook recently announced the launch of a “shopping space” on its mobile application. This new addition will enable users to discover, share and buy local products online, without leaving the site! An audacious solution to connect brands and individuals! Let’s look at it more closely.   A feature to […]

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Are you of those who would like to know how local marketing can help you? If so, this article will answer many of your questions. First a reminder: local marketing (or proximity marketing) is a strategic process which regroups some specific tactics enabling you to deploy an offensive with your local customers. Here, we will focus […]

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Marketing automation: do you know what this is? It is a process which consists of automating the performance of your marketing campaigns, thereby increasing the relevance and impact of these. Marketing automation is often used to support the launch of marketing content campaigns. Analyse the real needs Marketing automation is not just to implement a […]

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