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lead nurturing

Is your lead nurturing strategy optimal?

Is your lead nurturing strategy optimal? An effective lead development is crucial for a successful B2B sale. ‘’Lead nurturing increases sales opportunities by over 20%.’’ ‘’Lead nurturing can help you create a relationship of trust with your buyer.’’ Since some of your leads won’t be […]


Customer experience checklist

Following is a checklist that will help you evaluate whether or not you have identified all important elements during the evaluation of your customer experience process. If you can answer ‘’yes’’ to all of these questions, you can consider having covered all elements. If that […]

Big data

Demystifying Big Data: 3 myths on the subject.

Big Data is certainly one of the driving trends of the last years. It is new, it is powerful, in short, everybody wants it. Right now. In fact, it is so new that the term has not yet been adopted on a regular basis by […]


The importance of personas in content marketing

In the universe of content marketing, the notion of persona has become an essential vector in the development of campaigns and the understanding of the targets to achieve. The word “persona” refers to an archetype, a fictional character helping creators to represent a group of people […]

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