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The importance of personas in content marketing


In the universe of content marketing, the notion of persona has become an essential vector in the development of campaigns and the understanding of the targets to achieve.

The word “persona” refers to an archetype, a fictional character helping creators to represent a group of people whose behaviors, consumption habits, goals and motivations are similar. The invention of the “personas method” was the work of the American, Alan Cooper, who introduced it in his book, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, released in 1998.

However, in practical terms, what is the purpose of the personas method? Whether you are a corporate marketing director, leader in the yogurt domain, or you are at the head of a new collection of cookbooks addressed to the millennials, it is important to have a clear idea of your audience. It is the key of relationship marketing: understanding the habits of consumers in order to take informed decisions for the design, production and marketing of your product.

In order to do this, you must collect and investigate information, and maybe even call on focus groups in order to concretely synthesize common visions and the types of personalities that make up the personas that you will target.

Once your persona (s) is (are) set and identified you can focus on the best way to reach one or more persona (s) when deploying your marketing campaign. The personas method will help you understand why it might be better to allocate a portion of your budget to the creation of specific content for certain social media speaking to a persona and to stick to another communication channel and/or another communication perspective for another persona.

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