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Do you maximise the use of your database?


When building a database, the information that you store must be considered as the first raw material and not as an end in themselves.

At a first glance, a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers is, generally, not much in itself. Incidentally, one is distributed to you each year. It bears the name of “telephone directory”.

However, from a behavioral marketing perspective, strategic opportunities arising from your ability to profile, target and customize your content according to the target audience are worth gold.

This is why profiling must be at the center of your concerns in the management of your database.

The acquisition, engagement and retention of your customers through the relevance of your content is critical. It can only be relevant if it includes the interests and behaviors of your recipients.

Customized content

Based on the actions, behaviors and interests of your clients, the profiling of the leads in your database allows you to establish profiles, with the PUBLITRAC tool, and to adapt the content of your emails, your newsletters and some specific sections of your websites according to these profiles.

Segmented contacts

By segmenting your contacts and leveraging the interests and behaviours of your prospects, not only do you know what interests them, but who they are and on what web platform or social media to orient your campaigns in order to invest your media placement budget.

The importance of updates

However, it goes without saying that in order to take advantage of a database and to effectively analyze the performance reports, it must be updated regularly. PUBLITRAC allows you to do this in a simple and efficient way.

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