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checklist prior to mailing

Checklist prior to mailing


Marketing automation has transformed how we deal with data relating to our lists of potential clients (leads).

Although relationship marketing is based on an idea diametrically opposed to that of cold solicitation, the endorsement of your recipients does not necessarily mean a response rate or even the type of digital interaction you want to achieve.

It is important to make sure that your e-mails correspond to the interests of your leads, but also that they allow you to generate data that will produce tangible results.

Here is a checklist that will help you make sure that your mailings do not miss their target.

Content hierarchy

Is the information you want to convey split according to your priorities and the importance of the content you want to send to your recipient?

Intelligent design and clickable content

PUBLITRAC allows you to analyze the click habits of your leads. However, they need to know where to click.

Clarity and brevity

It is a fact that the average user reads diagonally. If the user is interested in your subject, he will make sure to follow you and use the content that is relevant to him.

“Share” buttons

The best ambassador for your brand is your client. Why? Because his comment or his sharing is not “interested”. Be sure to insert elements that enable broadcast on social media. Remember: we choose our friends based on our interests.

Use your data

Parts of your mail-outs constantly return not visited? Use aggregate data and optimize the sections of your emails.

Perform a test mailing

You know what is worse than a mailing that does not work? A mailing that could have worked if tested internally.

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