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Customer experience checklist


Following is a checklist that will help you evaluate whether or not you have identified all important elements during the evaluation of your customer experience process.

If you can answer β€˜β€™yes’’ to all of these questions, you can consider having covered all elements. If that is not the case, make sure to add the missing element to your process.

  1. Have I considered the transactional dimension?
  2. Have I considered the drop-out of a transaction?
  3. Have I considered the second transaction?
  4. Have I considered the absence of a second transaction?
  5. Have I considered the time dimension? Before and after an event or a transaction?
  6. Have I thought about rewarding my loyal customers?
  7. Have I considered encouraging less loyal customers to commit?
  8. Was my process made into a graphic?
  9. Do I identify my client or capture the necessary information for later identification?
  10. Do I help my customers by interacting with them during key moments?
  11. Is my whole process automated?

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