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Big data

Demystifying Big Data: 3 myths on the subject.


Big Data is certainly one of the driving trends of the last years. It is new, it is powerful, in short, everybody wants it. Right now.

In fact, it is so new that the term has not yet been adopted on a regular basis by Francophones. If you surf the Office Québécois de la langue française’s website, it will refer to mégadonnées. But trust us, if you want to be understood, it is preferable to use the term Big Data!

But has this newcomer been mastered by PMEs yet? By local businesses ? Let’s see.

Beyond the buzzword, what is Big Data?

What is Big Data? Data, simply data. Lots of it. Data, images, mathematical facts, texts and analytics. Disclosed in real time and in large quantities. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what is all the hype about? Because data, there is so many of it, that it is impossible to control it. Then who is to blame (if we may say)? The formidable advent of the Internet! Indeed, now, we no longer content ourselves with only looking at the Web: we can also read it!

Also, beyond the buzzword, there are infinite possibilities. As relational marketing specialists, we believe it is important to break some of the myths that we hear on a daily basis.

Myth 1: Big Data provides practical answers to marketing problems.

FALSE! Totally false. We are sorry to inform you that Big Data can’t save, on its own, a business whose sales are plummeting. No.

As mentioned earlier, Big Data is nothing more than data. To interpret it, we have to rely on the strategic intelligence of a Web analytics or marketing expert.

Nevertheless, don’t worry. Even if Big Data doesn’t provide precise solutions, it certainly offers different possibilities to good relational marketing departments to help formulate them. The key is to know how to read all these columns of data!

Myth 2: Big Data is not here to stay.

That is not correct. The proof is that data has not just arrived in marketing campaigns (especially relational marketing campaigns). The difference is that now we have the technology to interpret it in other ways. And faster! PUBLITRAC is a good example.

No, trust us, Big Data is not about to disappear anytime soon. It will rather transform itself. Improve itself. And new technologies will help us refine the ways to interpret this data. Furthermore, studies show that investments in Big Data will increase in the next few years.

Myth 3: Big Data will complicate the use of the Web.

Not at all. In fact, before the explosion of Big Data, anyone (especially businesses) could produce and publish any content without having to worry about their return on investment (ROI). It did not matter: the novelty was attracting people, regardless of the quality. But things have changed. Consumers are becoming more demanding. And informed.

Big Data is not new. Data has always been there. Marketing experts have simply decided to go a step further by creating a framework to better understand it. Things will not become more complicated: they will become more and more precise.

So, in the end, what should we think of Big Data?

First, that it is not going anywhere. No, it is neither a passing trend nor only a popular term. It is not a delirium of IT having fun extracting superfluous data. It is, on the contrary, here to stay.

In fact, Big Data is far from being new. The data exists and talks to us since forever. But since the arrival (explosion) of the Internet, we have developed technologies that generate, again and again, data that points out and indicates everything.

Our opinion? Consider Big Data as the fuel of a new era… which in reality, is not all that new! In a world where the personalization of the consumer experience requires consumer profiling, you can be sure of one thing; you will hear about it again and again!

You can learn to read it or if you need, ask the experts.

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