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How Marketing automation can help SMB

By:Alexandre Sagala

As a marketing automation solution vendor and SMB ourselves we know the daily reality of running a business. Tons of things to do not enough time to do everything, especially on the marketing side. You need to coordinate your different marketing initiatives, stay on top of your social media efforts, manage your different online marketing channels… But there’s is hope.

Marketing automation can help you harness all these essential tasks. By using a marketing automation solution you will gain efficiencies and insight into your inbound marketing efforts and you WILL improve your overall marketing and sales results.

Here are ways where marketing automation can help your SMB

  • Track and measure all your online marketing channels from the same place. By measure we mean revenue not clicks. Tracking your different channels and measure the revenue impact they are producing. Whether it be measuring social campaigns (twitter, linkedin…), banners or PPC campaigns you will be able to track all your marketing channels from the same place.
  • Increase your lead conversions. You spend so much time generating quality leads for your business you need to make sure you can convert them to customers. Marketing automation can help you by allowing you to:
  • Manage your leads and create segmented views that you can use to better target your potential customers. Stay aways from mass emailing. Send out personalized and contextualized emails that are relevant to your potential buyer.
  • Triggered emails. A lead downloaded a whitepaper you offer? They are probably interested in the webinar on the same topic. Invite them automatically using a triggered email

This is only the tip of the marketing automation iceberg for SMB. All of these things wont happen by magic and will necessitate effort on your part but once everything is in place you will reap the benefits day after day.

Interested in knowing more you can always visit publipage.com for more details.

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