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Are you a SME? Here is local content your customers will love!


Content marketing does wonders for any SME integrating this strategy to their marketing plan. Why? Because it informs the customer while addressing their specific, but especially local needs. Indeed, there is nothing greater than information for customers wanting to buy products near their home.

However, the question remains: what will make your customer want to buy with you instead of somewhere else?

Here are a few ideas that will provide you with ways to build a good local content strategy!

Varied and regular blog posts

The content of a blog is a powerful way to reach many of your clients. Which is why it must be done right. Here are a few tips applicable to all industries to help you structure your blog posts and help you get your local clients’ attention:

  • 5 local beers to discover near you!
  • 10 books to read according to [name of your employee]
  • 3 ways to recognize the right insurance broker for you!

As you can see, there is no direct self-promotion. That way you can pique your potential customers’ curiosity all the while showing them what you have to offer. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce your team to them, even if it’s done virtually.

Well managed online comments and reviews

Customers want to know what’s happening in their area, but above all, they want to know what quality of experience their neighbors, colleagues or friends had buying locally.

That’s the beauty of social platforms! But that means they have to be well managed. Which is why, when you register in directories such as Yelp, it’s important to keep an eye on comments submitted by your customers.

A virtual visit via Google Business View

Your customers don’t want to just read about your business. They also want to see it. And they can do that with content such as Google Business View’s virtual tour (soon to be Street View Trusted).

Directly integrated to your Google Maps and Google+ listing, your business’s virtual visit greatly improves your business localization.

Do you want to know more about the art of managing your local marketing? Contact us!

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