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Facebook launches a shopping space on its application


Facebook continues its conquest of the digital world! In fact, Facebook recently announced the launch of a “shopping space” on its mobile application. This new addition will enable users to discover, share and buy local products online, without leaving the site!

An audacious solution to connect brands and individuals! Let’s look at it more closely.


A feature to optimize the online experience for users

Facebook has always done the maximum to provide a user-friendly experience for its members. Firstly known as a social network, it then integrated a news feed, a chat function, etc. It even made the acquisition of Instagram to optimize the online time of its users.

It was only a matter of time before it integrated a feature that enabled online trading, local purchasing and mobile payment! And it is so much better! Now, advertisers will pay to reach their customers, wherever they may be.


The evolution towards local marketing and mobile

Of course, Facebook isn’t at its first steps in the world of online commerce. It had already proposed a ¨buy¨ button that redirected the user to the advertiser’s website. The user could also browse the photo albums or videos of these same advertisers.

The difference now with this shopping section? We can buy products directly on Facebook! This addition simplifies the lives of millions of members. We are referencing a whole new online experience.


The Facebook shopping space is a beautiful asset to local business

Facebook has been considering local marketing since a long time. After all, getting closer to their customers has been the goal of several brands and merchants. In addition, there are two realities from which local businesses cannot escape:

1 . The consumer spends more and more time online

2 .The number of clients who seek answers (and buy!) via mobile is steadily climbing

The solution Facebook offers local merchants? To reach its customers, regardless of the place or    time, through this shopping space. As part of their local marketing strategy, advertisers will therefore have an additional asset enabling them to propose more online purchasing to their customers.

Do you dream of a local innovative and creative marketing strategy for your business? Do things correctly and contact one of our experts at Publipage.

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