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landing page anatomy

The perfect landing page anatomy

By:Alexandre Sagala


Whether you are looking to increase your sales or acquire new prospects, the landing page you present to your visitors is a highly effective tool to promote a particular product or  service while targeting a specific audience. The  increasing number of online transactions made by customers online makes it  all the more beneficial for businesses to adopt an adequate landing page design strategy. A well-structured and functional landing page targets a precise goal and sends a clear message: make sure you display a positive yet simple and accurate image of your business to your visitors in order to maximize your results!

Here are a few tips to optimize your landing page:

Adequately present your title and sub-titles (1 & 2)


Internet users are constantly bombarded with information and their focus and attention span is extremely short. Your landing page must be above all felt: use soothing colors for your main title and sub-titles. Blue, for example, will often be used by financial institutions and many companies because it inspires security and trust. Your titles and sub-titles position on the page are essential factors in  building  an effective landing page: it is therefore  crucial to concentrate important elements in the upper section of the screen (5). In other words, your title should carry a strong message and users should be able to view the page’s key information without having to scroll down. Moreover, the positioning of the information on your page could help you score a higher SEO rank among search engines.

Avoid crowding your page with text. An uncluttered and sophisticated page is much more pleasing to the eye. If you have a lot of information to communicate, list it in bullet points (3) rather than as a mass of text that takes over the page and looks heavy and complex. Do not hesitate to include a visual element to support your information and to attract the eye of your visitors (6). Be sure, however, to choose a relevant image that fits nicely on the page. A misguided choice could distract users from the main message.


Put the focus on your Call to Action

A Call to Action (4) often has the appearance of a button like shown in the example above: the ‘’Download now’’ blue button stands out and grasps the visitor’s attention towards a form that will allow them to make an appointment with a counselor. The amount of conversions generated through your landing page highly depends on its quality, particularly on your capacity to direct your visitor’s focus on your Call to Action button but the option to call or write to an expert instead of getting in touch via a form will increase your visitor’s trust level towards your company.

Your conversion button must be located in the upper section of the screen and needs to stand out on your landing page. Many characteristics can be worked in order to reach that goal: its size, location and the color contrast from the rest of the page are only a few examples.

Increase your credibility by showing your logo

Make sure that your landing page is identifiable and reflects the image of your business. Do not hesitate to insert your logo (7) prominently in the top left corner of the landing page, where the eye will fall naturally, and to use the colors of your business.

Many other factors can also be integrated to your design, such as a satisfied customer testimonial and external links to more valuable information on your website and your social networks. Create more than one version of your landing page to conduct an A / B testing, which will help you determine which version performs best. For more information on the topic, or to set up a complete strategy for your business, contact one of our specialists today.


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