Paid Search is a marketing solution through which you can quickly target your potential clients and increase the visibility of your products and services. Its effects will show rapidly in your sales results.

Our specialists can help you maximize your budget and your paid search campaign’s conversions. We will identify the keywords that are most likely to result in conversions, establish a monthly budget and continuously optimize your campaign in order to increase its profitability.


Paid Search allows you to geotarget your ad distribution in order to reach only the customers in a particular geographical location (ex.: Montreal). Moreover, combined with local search links, your nearest location will be displayed within the ad.   


Publipage will put a daily monitoring process in place as well as continuous optimization of your paid search campaign. Monthly performance reports will allow you to evaluate the impact of your campaign on your sales results.


Publipage’s methodology consists in an analysis, selection and optimizization of keywords that are relevant to your business. We will ensure that the type of visitors that click on your ads correspond to your targeted group. The ads will be optimized in order to suit the identified targeted groups and they will be visible during the periods (week vs. weekend, AM vs. PM…) that are the most favourable to sales according to your budget. Your landing pages will also be analyzed in order to maximize their efficiency.

Search optimization services

Publipage offers many other search optimization services that, when combined, allow an effective and optimal internet marketing strategy:

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