According to Google, 85% of internet users will use search engines during their buying process. Organic search (SEO) stands as one of the most powerful internet marketing tools available. It allows you to increase your positioning on Google and other search engines using keywords that are relevant to your business.


Publipage’s methodology consists in the optimization of your online content, as well as your website’s code and the creation of referring links (links that are consistent with your website’s content and your industry). Our SEO experts, attuned to search engine algorithm changes will be able to identify your website’s weaknesses and correct them. After some time, your organic traffic will increase and bring you a better conversion rate.

Website "On-page" Optimization

Your website optimization (On-page) will ensure that everything is in place for an optimal organic search. Is your website structure adequate? Your meta-data? Your semantic data?

‘’Off-page’' Optimization

Publipage will inform you on strategies you can develop and will recommend the best ‘’off-site’’ optimization practices. Relevant link acquisition will be included in this strategy that will increase quality traffic to your website.

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