At Publipage, we can help you design your transactional or traditional multi-platform website. We will ensure that we understand your needs and your visitors’ needs in order to create an ergonomic and responsive website. Our philosophy aims to give our clients quality projects with desired functionalities.

Ergonomic and Responsive

Transform your web and mobile presence, through an ergonomic, multi-platform and responsive website.

Online sales

Develop a transactional eCommerce website. Shipment and payment module included.

User experience

User experience is at the heart of the whole website design process at Publipage. Your website must meet the needs of your customers and be fun and easy to navigate. A website that does not answer the visitor’s needs is not very useful. The persona based approach at Publipage will ensure that your website is up to your expectations and those of your visitors.


Multi-platform websites are now a necessity. Your content, products and services will be consulted from many different devices and having a website that will support them is essential. Publipage can help you create a new multi-platform website and migrate an existing website.


When designing  a website at Publipage, many deliverables and documentation will allow you to evaluate, control and manage the project’s progress. Among these documents you will find:

  1. Content architecture and navigation diagram
  2. Explanatory documents on user experience
  3. Visual mockups integrating your brand image

Moreover, Publipage will make a pre-production (”staging”) environment available for you to conduct tests and visualize the project’s progress before and after its deployment.


Publipage uses the CMS WordPress technology, but also has JAVA, Zend, PHP, .NET… specialists. Using a CMS will allow you to manage the whole site’s content via the administrator interface. This includes not only dynamic content (news, events), but also more static content pages (mission, history, etc.). All our CMS websites are easily optimized for search engines.

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