Every business is unique. However, most want to accomplish three things: increase their customer base, build client loyalty and boost engagement. Publipage has developed a clear expertise with large businesses.  That expertise will allow you to build effective and relevant marketing programs suited to your goals.

Customer Acquisition

You want more customers? More market share? With a local marketing or a content marketing strategy, Publipage can help you create the internet marketing campaign that will help you achieve your goals. 

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The importance of personas in content marketing

In the universe of content marketing, the notion of persona has become an essential vector in the development of campaigns and the understanding of the targets to achieve. The word “persona” refers to an archetype, a fictional character helping creators to represent a group of people […]

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Do you maximise the use of your database?

When building a database, the information that you store must be considered as the first raw material and not as an end in themselves. At a first glance, a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers is, generally, not much in itself. Incidentally, one is […]

what storytelling is

3 stories to understand what ’storytelling’ is

In our recent articles, we often mentioned how important content is in a content marketing strategy. Without an interesting and well-structured content, you won’t be able to reach your goals. That’s why today we’ll talk about storytelling. As a communication technique used to seduce, storytelling […]


Marketing by email: Quantity versus Quality

I’m not teaching you anything new when I say that email campaigns are essential for a marketing strategy with emphasis on customer relations. Not only can they boost your data base, but they can also inform and attract your customers as well as increase their […]