Local search allows your business to be easily identified online and in the regions and cities where your services are offered. Whether it’s to contact you, find the directions to your location or simply get information on your business hours, people use the Internet to obtain information. For Google My Business, Yelp and other platforms, Publipage can provide you with valuable advice on local search.

Information Management

Most people use the Internet when they are looking for information on your business. The information must be up to date and well referenced by location in order for your customers to easily find what they are looking for. Your business hours, the directions to your branches, your addresses and moved or closed branches all are data that needs to be well managed.

Publipage will perform daily monitoring of all your Google My Business listings. Your addresses, phone numbers, etc. will be validated. Should there be errors, Publipage will report them within 24 hours and monitor the correction process with Google.

Brand Image

Standardize the appearance of your pages for a consistent brand image. A standard logo and brand name on every listing. Your brand image must be a priority. 

Google My Business

Publipage performs a rigorous quality management of your Google My Business pages. Following are the 5 points verification carried out by Publipage:

1. Address changes, phone number, categories, URL, name, description: your pages can be modified following a Google update and display incorrect information or information concerning your competitors. Publipage reports these errors to Google and resubmits the correct information on your page.

2. Active/Pending page (duplicate, merging, address change…): Publipage reports the duplicate pages to Google and performs a rigorous monitoring of the correction process and the removal of duplicate pages.

3. Properly displayed logo: Google updates can affect the display of your logo.

4. Available Street View: Google does not display Street View in all regions. The facing image for certain businesses is   not in Google’s database.

5. Negative reviews: An internet user can submit reviews on your Google My Business page. Publipage identifies the negative reviews and communicates them to you. We can also manage them for an additional fee.

These situations are managed within 24 hours and Google can take between 24 hours to two weeks to put the requested corrections online.

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