With PUBLITRAC, it’s incredibly simple to define automation rules for many of your marketing tasks. Trigger marketing emails/campaigns in real-time, based on your contacts’ attributes, activities or profiles. Automate your opt-in or double opt-in processes, set up alerts or automated responses, create automated ”lead nurturing” campaigns, assign contacts to your sales team and more!

Increased Productivity

Reduce the manual tasks related to campaigns and contact management as well as contact qualification while automating your marketing process.

Automated Consent Management (C-28)

Automate your opt-in and double opt-in processes. Automatically redirect your confirmation emails when obtaining a consent. 

Automation examples

  • Increase customer loyalty by automatically offering your most loyal/VIP customers privileges.
  • Automate your cross-sell process. Promote products and services based on the client’s most recent purchase in order to encourage multiple purchases.
  • Relaunch potential customers that have interrupted a purchase or reservation process.
  • Increase customer commitment by sending them a birthday email.
  • Automate a customer satisfaction survey campaign following a purchase.
  • Automatically send contract renewal notifications before its maturity date.

Lead nurturing

50% of your leads are qualified but are not ready to make a purchase (according to Gleanster Research). What should be the next step with these leads? PUBLITRAC helps you nurture them to maturity with targeted and customized emails. Automatically trigger email communications based on your leads’ activities (completed forms, price page visited…) and carry your leads to maturity. Increase your sales rate by concentrating on nurtured leads.



Lead Management

PUBLITRAC makes it easy for you to manage your leads. Automatically assign leads to a salesperson in real-time or automate your qualification process with an automated lead scoring program.

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