Email marketing is a tool of choice for most marketing people. However, reality shows that massive email send-outs are not all that efficient. Step to the next level with PUBLITRAC and send relevant, timely customized emails to your leads and contacts.


Increase your email campaign relevance and improve your timing. Send customized emails to targeted and segmented lists according to your criteria. 

Dynamic Content

Modify your email content according to your contacts’ socio-demographic attributes (man vs. woman), interests (sports?) or their history (already a client?).

Prospect Maturation (Lead nurturing)

50% of your leads are qualified, but are not ready to make a purchase (according to Gleanster Research). What should be the next step with these leads? PUBLITRAC helps you nurture them to maturity with targeted and customized emails. Get your leads to maturity and increase your conversions. Automatically trigger email communication based on your leads’ activities (completed forms, prices page visited…) and carry your leads to maturity. Increase your sales rate by focusing on nurtured leads.

Dynamic content

Unlike a static email, a dynamic content email will allow you to increase your conversion rate by displaying the most relevant content to each one of your contacts.

PUBLITRAC will automatically adapt the email content according to your contacts’ attributes, preferences or their history.

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