Efficiently and proactively manage your events. Configure all of your event communications, registration forms and pages from PUBLITRAC. No more Excel files, you can manage your list of participants as well as your event reminders from one single effective tool.


Manage your invitation lists and perform a follow-up of the opened invitations. Automatically relaunch the contacts that have not responded to your invitation.

No more Excel!

Manage your invitation forms, participant lists as well as your event reminders using a single tool. 


PUBLITRAC allows you to create a whole registration process using a destination page dedicated to your event, hosted in PUBLITRAC or on your website.

Create and insert a customized form on your landing page or your website and manage your registrations. When submitting the form, your participant list is automatically updated.

Automatically send a confirmation email to your participants.

Configure an alert in order to be informed of any new registration.

Reminders and follow-ups

Create an entirely automated campaign that will:

Remind your participants of the date when the event is hosted;

Send a reminder email a week before, as well as the day your event is hosted;

Automatically send a thank you email to the participants following the event.

You can also invite your participants to leave their comments on the event with a hosted form on a landing page or on a website.

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