Capturing your visitors’ information is an essential element to all online marketing strategies. Landing pages and forms will help you achieve this. Create efficient landing pages and forms in just a few minutes, without the help of your IT department. Start capturing your leads’ information right now!

Landing Pages

Create landing pages and forms, without the help of your IT department. Get detailed landing pages and conversion performance reports.


Simple forms and landing pages integration. Information is automatically saved in PUBLITRAC. Automatically trigger a confirmation email for every completed form.

A/B Tests

Regardless of your current landing pages performance level, there is always room for improvement. PUBLITRAC allows you to optimize the performance of your pages. A/B tests will allow you to test several slogans, different images and forms on your landing pages in order to identify the element that will improve your results. Optimized landing pages can generate nearly twice more leads.

  • Launch a new test in a click
  • Get a detailed conversion report for every test
  • Create as many versions as you wish

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