PUBLITRAC allows you to create an actionable marketing database. For each one of your contacts, PUBLITRAC will create a detailed and centralized profile that contains all of your leads and contacts’ online activities: visited pages, completed forms, email interactions, social media interactions, etc. Use your marketing database to perform effective campaigns that are suited to your contacts’ profiles.

List Management

Keep all your contacts and leads at the same place. Easily identify the duplicates and create new lists that will allow you to perform targeted communications based on your contacts’ interests and behaviours. 

Importation and Synchronization

Easily import or synchronize lists from various sources (trade shows, events…) and merge them to your existing contact lists. 


Segment your leads and contacts according to their profile, their activity on your website and their attributes. Who has opened your last email? Who has an interest for your family content? Have they ever made a transaction? These are all questions that will allow you to create segments in PUBLITRAC.

Lead qualification « Lead scoring » (B2B)

Do you know when leads are ready to make a transaction? Do you know which of your leads are the most qualified? With PUBLITRAC, you will be able to identify your best prospects and focus your sales efforts. Identify your best prospects, ensure an even synchronization of your most qualified prospects with your CRM and focus your sales efforts on them.

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