Make strategic and informed decisions with the help of real-time marketing data. What campaigns convert better? What types of individuals are my lists made of? What are their interests? What content performs best for my customers? PUBLITRAC has the answers.


Identify what landing page, email, form or campaign generates the most conversions. Do your online sales come from your last newsletter send-out?

Generating Leads or New Contacts

Where do your most qualified leads come from? What are the campaigns that generate the highest number of new contacts for your database? 


PUBLITRAC allows you to rapidly understand what types of people your contact list (database) is made of. Is it made of people that have an interest in health? In sports? PUBLITRAC will show you an interest report that will help you better understand the people that populate your lists and therefore come up with campaigns that are perfectly adapted to them. These interests are completely customizable in PUBLITRAC.

Content Performance

PUBLITRAC allows you to identify what landing page, email, form or content works best for your business. Don’t waste your time anymore on content that doesn’t perform to your expectations. Use your most performing content on all your marketing campaigns. Combine this information with your lead source details to get your performance overview on every channel.

Channel performance

Identify the channels that bring the best quality leads and contacts. Do you generate more leads from Google or from Facebook contests? PUBLITRAC will help you determine your most qualified leads and contact sources so that you can focus your time and efforts on the most effective channels.

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