Obtain the information you need on your prospects (how they found you, which company they work for, which pages they visited, forms they filled out, etc.).

Prospect interests

Identify prospects that are ready to buy. Qualify your prospects easily according to their actions online.

Lead scoring

Do you know which of your leads are ready to buy? Do you know which leads are more qualified than others? With PUBLITRAC, you can identify your best prospects and focus your sales efforts using real-time information.

  • Identify your best prospects.
  • Ensure a consistent synchronisation of your most qualified prospects with your CMR.
  • Focus your sales efforts on the best prospects.

Prospect profiles

PUBLITRAC provides an overview of your leads and prospects’ activites online, which is a great tool to help you sell. Through our platform, you can also follow which pages are visited, which forms have been filled out and which email interactions each lead had and use that information in your sales process. Obtain all the information you need on your leads and prospects.

  • Follow your leads and prospects’ activities online.
  • Create a centralized profile for each of your leads by combining all of their activities.
  • Obtain a better understanding of the way your leads navigate your website and what interests them among your products and services.

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