Service providers’ (B2B) realities are very different from other business types. For most, sales cycles are very long and the products are not meant for consumers. Publipage understands this reality and offers adapted internet marketing services. If you wish to obtain recognition for your expertise or your products, we have the services you are looking for.

Long Sales Cycle

Your sales cycles are long? Our campaigns will allow you to keep a relationship with your leads at every step. Automate your email relaunches and follow-ups with PUBLITRAC.  

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Is your lead nurturing strategy optimal?

Is your lead nurturing strategy optimal? An effective lead development is crucial for a successful B2B sale. ‘’Lead nurturing increases sales opportunities by over 20%.’’ ‘’Lead nurturing can help you create a relationship of trust with your buyer.’’ Since some of your leads won’t be […]

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Lead Nurturing Map

This is part 3 of the series: 6 Easy Steps to Double B2B Conversions Nurture your prospects Effective lead nurturing is crucial to successful b2b marketing. 95% of the prospects visiting your website today are there for research, but as many as 70% of them […]

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Who else wants more quality prospects?

This is part 5 of the series: 6 Easy Steps to Double B2B Conversions Who else wants more quality prospects? One of the challenges in internet marketing is ensuring you are gathering accurate prospect information from your various marketing initiatives. How many times have you tried to reach […]


7 Marketing Automation Trends

Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the CRM market, especially in the B2B space. Features such as lead generation and nurturing are critical in helping B2B companies with longer sales cycles. However, it wasn’t that long ago that people weren’t even […]