The local market is very important for your small and medium business. By advertising your business online in your region or locality, you increase your chances of acquiring new customers. Ensure your business is well referenced in your area or city to make it easier for people near your business to find you online.


Our marketing campaigns are designed to attract clients from your area or locality. Target potential customers in your market and maximize your budget’s reach with Publipage’s various local services.

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Local Marketing: how to integrate it to your SME’s Internet strategy

Are you of those who would like to know how local marketing can help you? If so, this article will answer many of your questions. First a reminder: local marketing (or proximity marketing) is a strategic process which regroups some specific tactics enabling you to deploy […]

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Are you a SME? Here is local content your customers will love!

Content marketing does wonders for any SME integrating this strategy to their marketing plan. Why? Because it informs the customer while addressing their specific, but especially local needs. Indeed, there is nothing greater than information for customers wanting to buy products near their home. However, […]


How Marketing automation can help SMB

As a marketing automation solution vendor and SMB ourselves we know the daily reality of running a business. Tons of things to do not enough time to do everything, especially on the marketing side. You need to coordinate your different marketing initiatives, stay on top of your […]


Marketing Automation for SMBs: 7 Benefits of Automation Solutions

We published an article on discussing ways SMB can use marketing automation to improve their results. Here is an excerpt Time and cash management are two key challenges that SMBs face each and every day.  Finding ways to maximize these resources is crucial to the […]