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Lead Management

Manage leads and track their online activities. Identify your leads' activities on and interactions with your website.

  • Lead intelligence: Obtain the information you need on your leads, such as lead source, visited pages, submitted forms, etc.
  • Lead scoring: Identify which leads are ready to make a purchase. Easily qualify your prospects based on their online behaviours.

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Lead Management

Lead scoring: Real-time lead qualification

Do you know which of your leads are ready to make a purchase, or which of your leads are most qualified? PUBLITRAC helps you identify your top leads, allowing you to thus concentrate your sales efforts.

  • Quickly identify top leads.
  • Seamlessly synchronize these leads to your CRM.
  • Concentrate sales efforts on your most qualified leads.
Lead scoring

Lead intelligence: Gather needed information on your leads and prospects

PUBLITRAC provides you with the insights that you need to make an effective pitch. PUBLITRAC tracks each lead’s web page visits, form submissions and email interactions, allowing you in turn to take informed action.

  • Track each lead’s and prospect’s online activities
  • Create centralized lead profiles which include lead interactions with all your marketing initiatives
  • Determine how leads navigate your website and what products and services draw their attention
Lead intelligence

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